The inspiration for Kids Count came to our Founder, Linda Lawrence, through her extensive work with the voluntary sector, her association with small local youth projects and her many years’ experience of political activism. Linda witnessed the truly impressive results achieved by many 'social entrepreneurs', whose freedom to act incisively on local youth issues, out-paced the organisational restrictions and attitudinal dogma that had tempered her experience with national institutions.

This 'freedom' allows the construction and implementation of successful programmes specifically tuned to the needs of the local youth community.

Kids Count was created for two main reasons: firstly, to provide young people & smaller community organisations with a 'voice' and secondly, to educate, develop and empower disadvantaged young people. Having invested considerable time and money in bringing Kids Count into the political arena - with its Westminster Parliamentary Launch in May 2006 - we are aiming to continue and widen the work that we already do to meet the challenges that face many young people.

Kids Count recognises that you cannot choose the postcode that you are born into, but that you can affect your future by your own endeavours and we therefore aim to help young people to help themselves.

Kids Count is a UK Charity registered with the Charity Commission for England & Wales (registration no: 1138915)

Kids Count is a Private Company, Limited by Guarantee, with no Share Capital.