Saturday, November 25, 2017


For nearly a decade, Kids Count has been holding fringe meetings each year at the Party Conferences.


As part of our Leadership Programme and one of many ways to disseminate our research into a particular topic, Kids Count young advisors & experts share their findings with a wider audience at all three major political party conferences.


Kids Count has lead the way in youth participation at these events, not just by taking young people but by giving them the reins in driving the projects forward. They research and select the subject matter, market the event, campaign, produce all materials and promote the events.


This provides the group with a great opportunity for team-building, cooperative working and the chance to articulate their views to a powerful and important audience.









Our fringe event at a recent Liberal Democrat party conference was showcased on the BBC coverage of the event. Watch the video to see what Giles Dilnot had to say








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